Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow

Some of the best guitar work by Ritchie Blackmore can be seen in this album, along with some of the best vocals ever by Ronnie James Dio. No self-respecting rock fan should be caught without owning this one. The album speaks for itself.

Straight Between the Eyes

Guitar god Ritchie Blackmore proceeds to show that he can do it without Deep Purple. While Joe Lynn Turner isn't as good a vocalist as Gillan, he still does a fine job. The Rainbow years produced some of the greatest guitar work by the Man in Black and the guitar work here blows my mind. This dude is the greatest. This includes classics like Death Alley Driver, Stone Cold, Bring on the Night, ... heck all the songs rock. The music itself borders on bubblegum-rock, but the guitar playing is what really matters. I should mention that Roger Glover does the bass on this one.

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